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winter lingers
in the damp and grey
until banished by the sun

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It’s difficult to describe the experience on the Indian “highways” without laughter and astonishment. I wouldn’t rent a car there in my life. No one using the signal lights, people simply honk. The signs and the marks on the roads are simply for decoration: no one stays in lane. In three lanes I saw five to seven different vehicles not mentioning some animals. When our bus had to make the left turn, the driver assistant simply stuck out half of his body into the window and waved to the vehicles behind us to wait.

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Really beautiful doors….

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Here are my favorite examples of the doors I found during my trip to India and Nepal. The craftsmanship of woodworking, iron casting,  and stone carving is very high. I could spend sometime admiring the designs at those doors.They are all different and very unique. I was thinking of how many people they let go through and/or kept safe and protected?

IMG_6850 copy

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Kanpur is a city that is part of modern India, with some very ancient nearby sites, some going back to Vedic times…

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Kanpur is located on the bank of river Ganges and has been an important place in the history of modern India. Kanpur was one of the main centers of the industrial revolution in India. Towards the end of 19th century, Sir John Burney Allens established a group of companies such as Kanpur Textiles, Cawnpore Woollen Mills (Lal Imli), Flex Shoes Company, Elgin Mills and North Tannery under the banner of British India Corporation having headquarters at Kanpur. In the beginning of 20th century, Lala Kamlapat founded a group of companies such as; J.K. Cotton Mills and J.K. Iron etc. under the banner of J.K. During the same period, Sir J. P. Srivastava established New Victoria Mills.The Jaipuria family bought Swadeshi Cotton Mills from the Horsman family and in 1928 Sardar Inder Singh founded India’s First steel re-rolling mill at Singh Engineering, which later became one of India’s biggest steel…

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Swami Vivekananda & Sister Nivedita (R) in Kashmir (1898)

Wanderings with Swami Vivekananda by Sister NiveditaOur Master had been talking of Christian ritual as derived from Buddhist, but one of the party would have none of the theory.

“Where did Buddhist ritual itself come from?” She asked.

“From Vedic,” answered the Swami briefly.

“Or as it was present also in southern Europe, is it not better to suppose a common origin for it, and the Christian, and the Vedic rituals?”

“No! No!” he replied. “You forget that Buddhism was entirely within Hinduism! Even caste was not attacked, it was not yet crystallised, of course! And Buddha merely tried to restore the ideal. He who attains to God in this life, says Manu, is the Brahmin. Buddha would have had it so, if he could.”

“But how are Vedic and Christian ritual connected?” persisted his opponent. “How could they be the same? You have nothing even corresponding to the central rite of our…

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Music for Creating…

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Have a spectacular adventure within your world ♥ Stay in the energy of Love and compassion and most of all Presence..Namaste

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A good explanation…

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Maria Wirth“‘There is talk about this God and that God. Our country is not like that. Here we maintain Ishwar is one. The paths to attain him are different,’  Modi said in an interview on April 12th, 2014 (Aap Ki Adalat), when a woman asked him whether Christians and their churches will be safe under him. He assured his audience that the motto of his party, in tune with the Constitution of India, is to treat all different paths equally. Communal frenzy will not be allowed to retard the growth of India, he added.” – Maria Wirth

Modi quote on a billboard in MumbaiWhenever news about India make it to the local Nuremberg newspaper, my mother reads them out to me on phone. Usually, those news portray India in a poor light, like ‘people died from cold on the streets of Delhi’ or, especially in the past year ever so often, ‘another gang rape’, conveniently ignoring the…

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Árbol de Piedra (“rock tree”) is an isolated rock formation in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve of Sur Lípez Province, Bolivia. Much photographed, it projects out of the altiplano sand dunes of Siloli in the Potosí Department, about 18 kilometres (11 mi) north of Laguna Colorada. Also known as the “Stone Tree, ” it is shaped like a stunted tree, and is formed into a thin rock because of strong winds and the material is sand stone.

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Ashen Petals Haiku

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last year’s ashen blooms
litter my path like wan ghosts
soon fading to green

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

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treesAries 2


By Niamh Fodla


It’s the time of Aries, when there’s beauty in the ruggedness of it all. When the dreams of Pisces are shaken awake, and the sun burns majestically from above, energizing and un-ignorable. It’s an active time of strong movement, of fearlessness and even ferocity. And a time when we can all rely on ourselves to be our own providers and protectors. When we are one with the rough, mountainous terrain, driven by lava within, and capable of conquering anything.


cactiAries 1


It’s a fiery time of brilliant independence.


Here’s a video for feeling – the solitary flame of Aries. Click here.


Here’s a video for thought in the confident time of Aries. Click here.


sunlightAries 3


Be your own palace, or the world is your jail. – John Donne


© Niamh Fodla, text and photos, 2014


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