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traverse the inevitable darkness
in honor of the gleaming
of the morning sun

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India for the most part is spread out as one can imagine due to sheer size. In Kerala, you have the Kochin Harbor slightly west of the Cochi airport, the Backwaters to the south and to the east you have the third major attraction, the Periyar Tiger Reserve. About a three hour drive outside Cochi, one begins to see the change from the metropolitan to the rural “farmer lifestyle” that is popular in Thekkady. Local farmers mainly specialize in Cardamom, coffee and Chai or tea. However, the most noticeable of these are the Chai plantations which add a striking green layered look to the mountains (especially in the dryer months).

The road winds up, down and around these plantations, giving great perspective and unique photo opportunities around every corner. Historically, women are the ones who harvest the top layer of leaves from these bushes. The leaves are collected into…

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Tread lightly, there are many underfoot.
Just because they appear invisible
does not invalidate their existence.

Speak carefully, never knowing the power
behind words, once spoken.
Gulfs of projections and assumptions
often exist between a speaker’s mouth
and the minds of others.


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Kali ka Tibba

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And now for something completely different. On a trip to Chail, Himachal Pradesh, I took a detour to Kali ka Tibba, about 7km away from Chail.

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Huahine, also known as The Garden Isle, is one of the least visited islands in French Polynesia and retains a strong sense of early Polynesia.

We are staying in Lapita Village. Lapita refers to the ancestral culture of the ancient Polynesians. The village consists of thatched bungalows built around a natural lagoon in the style of an ancient Polynesian Canoe House.
In addition to jaw dropping natural beauty, the area is an important archeological site, with settlements and artifacts found nearby dating from 750 AD. Lapita Village maintains an onsite archeological museum.
Huahine is essentially tropical jungle, exotic flowers and fruit are growing everywhere in abundance.
Our accommodations here are far more lux than in Raiatea, in that we actually have AC and island critters can’t enter our abode, and beds, through all the open nooks and crannies! Woo Hoo! I have never loved AC this much! Not to mention…

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treasurebuds mask
hidden within

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The hill of the Chausath Yogini temple at Mitaoli [LINK] overlooks an adjacent rocky hill, or what’s left of it. This adjacent hill has been almost entirely excavated for its stone, to be used in India’s booming construction industry.

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20150115_113742Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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The unusual 14th c Chausath Yogini temple in Mitaoli (or Mitavali) is among only a handful of such circular temples in India dedicated (originally, in this case) to a cult goddess.

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If the group of temples at nearby Nareshwar get their drama and spectacle from the ravine they are situated in, the temples at Bateshwar get it from the atmospherics created by their sheer number, and elements such as the two stepped tanks at the heart of the group.

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