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Gray_wolf : Gary Kramer USFWS

By Defenders of Wildlife


Date: September 16, 2014

Contact:  Suzanne Stone:; (208) 861-4655

Melanie Gade: (202) 772-0288

Blaine County Says No More Wolf Killing

KETCHUM, Idaho – The City Council of Ketchum in Blaine County unanimously passed a resolution yesterday requesting that the State of Idaho use nonlethal tools – guard dogs, strobe lights, electric fencing – over lethal tools – aerial gunning, hunting and trapping – to manage wolf and livestock conflicts in Blaine County. The resolution requests that the State of Idaho “recognize the importance of recreation, tourism and wildlife to our citizens and economy, not expand lethal control of wolves within Blaine County, reconsider its estimates of a viable wolf population, and to work cooperatively with the Wood River Wolf Project.” This is first time a town in Idaho has passed a resolution against the use of lethal control on wolves…

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On Sunday, August 3, ESAF, the Egyptian Society of Animal Friends resumed their feeding program for the Pyramids animals, which they’ve been conducting for several years now.

The animals fed and given vet care during the month of August numbered around 1,600 horses. They went five times a week in August.

Since the program for this year started in February, they’ve fed and cared for 1,943 animals in February; 3,157 in March, 3,211 in April, in May and June, a total of 4,800 animals, in July 110 animals. The total so far in 2014 is 13,381 animals. These are horses, donkeys and camels, normally used to give rides to tourists visiting the Pyramids.

Because of civil unrest in Egypt over the past few years, there’s been a sharp decline in tourism, and, due to lack of revenue, the animals owners haven’t been able to adequately care for them, so ESAF has…

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Mill Stone

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without her sister stone
she is but a gentle guide

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I’ve wanted to visit Stonehenge since the year 2000. Back then, I was pursuing a Masters in Urban Planning at Texas A&M University and taking a course in historic preservation. Professor David Woodcock encouraged me to pursue my interest in cultural landscapes, and with his help (he leveraged his contacts at English Heritage and got them to send me every piece of research they had in their possession!) I wrote a great term paper on Stonehenge.

The mysticism of this circle of stones has stayed with me ever since. It’s the kind of place that evokes in me an unnamed indescribable fascination for history. I wonder how humans in those long bygone days conceived the world around them, how they built their social fabric and how they sowed the seeds for the complexities of existence that we take for granted today.

Stonehenge is a neolithic site created from enormous stones…

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Late Bloom

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delphinium unfurls
a final wave of blue
summer’s sendoff

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Kolu Exhibition - Invitation 2014

Turn, Turn, Turn

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hydrangea turns
becoming and beaconing
the season’s change

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It is time to say goodbye to peaceful Brugge. (Please click to enlarge).


Brugge seems to be the land that crime, strife and stress forgot.
The windmills on the perimeter of the old city were built in 1770.
They can be toured, but few tourists did while we were there, which is a shame because they are mechanical works of wonder and a challenge to safely climb!
Although the tourist center is crowded with day visitors, the city empties out in the early evening.
Even in the middle of the day, the streets a few blocks away from the tourist center are mostly empty.
Brugge is full of beautiful old cathedrals,
DSC05857 (1)
and charming old homes built on the canals.
Cheers to you & farewell to beautiful Brugge~

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Rose of Sharon

Friends are like flowers.
They bloom, and they inspire.
They make the world beautiful.
We never forget.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: I dedicate this post to the memory of Ajaytao. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. He was a bright light in our world, and his spirit continues to brighten our memories. He was a good friend to me, welcoming me here, and I will miss him. I feel blessed to have shared the world with him. Namaste, Brenda

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Kite transfer3

By Thane SPCA

Many will remember the Raptor Hermitage Initiative taken up by Thane SPCA in the month of March 2014. We suggested that the Forest Department allow us to use the dilapidated cages within the Karnala Sanctuary for Raptors to rehabilitate before they take flight. They agreed only if we donate the funds to them!! We raised funds for this with much difficulty and made the cage brand new.

The revamped raptor cage was inaugurated on August 22, 2014 by Local MLA Vivek Patil in the presence of Addl Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Conservator of Forests along with Team Thane SPCA. Twelve Black Kites were transferred from Thane SPCA Animal Hospital to this cage for rehabilitation till they will be fit to fly. One fresh water turtle has also been transferred to give company to the lonely turtle inside the turtle pond.

Thane SPCA has guided the…

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