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This 27 July 2016 video is called Trying To Save The Red Crowned Cranes Of Japan – Wild Japan – BBC.

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La Paz Group

Shaheen Falcon by Gururaj Moorching - La Paz Group

Outskirts of Bangalore, Karnataka

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La Paz Group

Malabar Woodshrike by Vijaykumar Thondaman - RAXA Collective

Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu

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Enchanted Forests

The State of Kerala is located on the Southern Tip of India along the Arabian Sea.

It is also the home of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian System of Medicine that uses the natural  healing properties of Plants.

The Heart Leaved Creeper  seen in the picture has the most incredible and near divine healing properties. The  extremely strong but slender aerial roots were used in Ayurveda as sutures. Not only did these natural sutures heal they also held the wound together.

creeper Watch out for The Rope Like Creeper

Several  Healing Creepers wind themselves over the Indian Gooseberry tree making it hard to discern one from another.

Initially I assumed the Round Ball Like Fruits were Gooseberries ( a natural storehouse of Vitamin C and antioxidants) , then I realized they were the fruits of a creeper planted  in a Herbal Garden.

on the roof Hanging over the Terracotta Roofs


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La Paz Group

Peacock by Vijaykumar Thondaman - RAXA Collective

Sivarpanam Palace, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu

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Bharata Bharati


Maria WirthIf you are sincere, Dr Naik, you will realise that the wisdom of your ancestors scores high over the worldview and the mind-set of Abrahamic religions. The attitude of “We alone are right and you go to hell if you don’t accept our religion” is doing great harm to humanity. It may be helpful for world dominion, but do you want to live in a world where everyone has to wear a straight-jacket? — Maria Wirth

Hindus generally don’t criticise other religions in spite of the fact that Christianity and Islam not only criticise, but demean Hinduism badly. Zakir Naik is only one example. Do Hindus know what is preached in the innumerable churches and mosques across India? I know for sure that Hindu gods are called devils by Christian missionaries. Yet Hindus neither defend their gods nor challenge the Abrahamic dogmas in spite of having a solid philosophical basis…

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La Paz Group

Spot-billed Duck by Vijaykumar Thondaman - RAXA Collective

(Athoor, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu)

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Bharata Bharati

Indus Valley Swastika Seals

Hindu boy with a swastika drawn on his head during a upanayana ceremony“We have found the most mature and geometrically ordered Swastika in the pre-Harappan times in the form of seals. We have also been able to trace the mention of the Swastika in the Vedas around the same time. These are scintillating findings that will help us announce that the Indian civilization is far more ancient than what is written in accepted history books, mostly by Europeans,” said Joy Sen, a faculty member at IIT-Kharagpur and lead project investigator. – Jhimli Mukherjee Pandey

Swastika—the Indian symbol of peace and continuity that Hitler co-opted for his twisted Aryan supremacy theory—is much older than believed, older than the Aryans and even the Indus Valley Civilization, says a team of top-notch researchers from some of the most prestigious institutions in India.

The researchers say the Swastika dates back at least 11,000 years and have traced its spread to western and Middle-Eastern civilizations. In fact, one…

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feral poetess

Buds mask flowers
Hidden within;
Their secret is safely
Stored in seeds
Who also cloak their
Inner potential.

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Rose Silk

Friendly Fairy Tales


Late one evening,
I knit the silk
of new roses
into the floss
of thistle blooms

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