Underworld by Graham Hancock  provides evidence that during the last Ice Age, the seas were much lower (this is established fact), then when the ice melted over several thousand years, the seas were much higher.  He draws many fascinating conclusions, among them that there were sea-faring peoples who had extremely ancient maps that showed the world as it was during the last Ice Age.  Also that there are a great many megalithic ruins still undiscovered under the sea, along the coastlines that were once on dry land but that are now under the sea.

Hi Brasil is an island off the coast of Ireland shown on maps as old as 1110 AD.  Today there is a submerged bank where the island used to be.  21,000 years ago it would have been above ground—even 12,000 years ago.

There is an ancient non-Ptolemaic map tradition extending back to the end of the Ice Age—back to the Phoenicians—and then back far before then.

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