Japan - a Foreigner's View

This morning I set my alarm for 6.30. Twice before I had been in a place where a solar eclipse was due, once in South Africa, and once in England. The South African event had been a complete washout, and the one in England only a partial success: viewed through high cloud.

So would it be third time lucky. Would I be wasting good sleeping time, or would the sight of this annular eclipse take my breath away. It would probably be my last chance to experience a total solar eclipse; the next one visible in Japan would be in about 300 years time (or so I was told by CNN). I doubt I’ll be around to see that one.

Well, as 7.00am passed, the area surrounding our home in Nishinomiya became rather gloomy; eerily so, it seemed. But was it the long awaited eclipse, or the clouds that seemed…

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