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edited,ID 71782566 © Juliscalzi | dreamstime_xs_71782566






Do you fly


On swift, gold wings,


Not having any answers?


You live in peace, always, among


The saffron petals, beyond the crowded questions


Sailing through all the mist-


Driven worlds sung


By the ancient forest,




Of stars and falcons,


Near the clear, deep-canyoned waters


Where step the blue-toed cranes,


Where ran


The wind in wild-haired leaves of the cottonwood tree.


You are the heart given by eternity.


Within, you bear the spirit of God.


You are the dawn, the sky


That rained,


The dream-walking dragonflies that nod,


And the speaking of the mountains that rose up and waned


Before ever time began,


You who carry


The sacred essence of all things


In the clouds that tarry,


In the flashing lights of the moon and the bright summer rains,


Garuda, you who are wandering ever, even now,


On your wings of wind-swept beauty.




© Sharon St Joan, 2018


Photo: Juliscalzi | dreamstime.com






ID 4545510 © Dbpetersen | Dreamstime


Listen, and hear


Within the moon the silent flight


Of white






While stars ring like bells in a sky of snow.


Did you know


That the moon is hollow


And it chimes?


Now, past clouds of bitter rain,


Of weathers


Sullen in the jagged wind,


At a sharp bend in the long road,


Shines the light of butterfilies beyond the shards of the dark,


The spark


Of grace, as yet unimagined,


A hand of tree bark


Offers peace, abhaya mudra: “Fear


Not,” a message,


Seek and ye


Shall find


All truth


Within the call


Of the star, cloaked in a misted shawl.


Soon, between the bones of yesteryear


Rise the rushing waters to the ridge


Of ending times.


There at the top of the narrow stair


Opens the rock-enchanted desert that will echo eternity,


Shimmering stones,




Sing that the shadow


Has gone, though it is not that the shadow


Has gone, but just that the sun is real and the shadow not, after all,


And so


The holy one, unknown, will walk again on the straight path,


Will hold the innocent deer high in his hand


(In the land


Of the gold dragon who gnashes


Her emerald jaw,


Extending her five-toed




There the brave one walks, placing the sun anew,


Engulfing the burning cities of the mind,


And – casting death at last behind,


Cleanses the earth of ashes.



Poem: © Sharon St Joan, 2017

Photo: © Dbpetersen | Dreamstime





© Jsuspence7cc | Dreamstime


Ender of worlds, you who are


The moon-winged light


Glimpsed through silver clouds that recall only


The music


Of the rain


That hums


On the dry branches of the scrub oak,


You who are the soul


Of the juniper trees and the wind-waving sage,


Re-awaken now your lands of magic,


And so,


Unmask the deeper, greener forest


Of long ago,


Abode of the forgotten fairy folk.


Young Ganesha watches from among the red-encircled blossoms


To hear anew


The clear


Ringing chimes


Sound, that the dust of a crumbled age


Is gone,


Swept away and cast




On the gusts of the great




That peace may settle ever after


On the blue-


Belled petals


That gather in an opalescent bowl,


A glimmering, crystal grail,




Beyond where the ragged hulls of iron ships


Were set adrift on a tired sea.


Soon the haloed star


May bless the night,


And the coyote


Sing her laughing song again


In the darkness, beside the shimmering gate


Of a time beyond times




At last


The long-toed crane


Dips his beak


Into the cold waters of the creek.




Mahadeva, Shining One, Dispeller of fear,


May the swans, who know, and have always known, all things, sail


Ever near


Before the bright, sky-clad boat of the dawn




On through the echoing waters of a many lilied mist.


© Sharon St Joan, August 2017

Photo: © Jsuspence7cc | Dreamstime





Years of snow



Years of snow



Rains unspoken.


Do you remember


Diaphanous wings


Who knew only the mist


Through many–stranded years of snow


On the hill


Of the ringed dolmen,


The omniscient crow


Who hid high


In the sky-


Tossed towers,


In the moss-meandering forest


Of the great bear?


That was the world then,


The reality,


The flowers


Of dawn,


The eternity,


Emerald rings


Of the sycamore tree.




Gone on the smoke over the brown hill.


Who now will bring


The buckets of songs and all the laughter,


Faint, so far


Away, yet ever near?




In the opalescent eyes


That peer




Deep-green bowers,






Only the mist,


Only the flight


Of the dawn-winged petals,




That settle


On the lake-footed land where


The goose plays still


With her snow-bright




Her flock that sings


Beneath a star




All the while, when




Sailed ships




Into the shining seas of the night,


Ineffable, haunted.



© Sharon St Joan, text and photo, 2016






Green-winged sight


Born of sea-


Water, boundless.


A sun’s ray,




Wind of sands.


To see the graceful stone-lit lands


Beyond the grumbling darkness,


To find the moon who spoke


Beyond the black, billowing smoke,


To never turn away,


To ride,


Through the night


Until the geese call in the first light,


To dance


In the unsung mystery


Of juniper trees that bend


Atop the cliffs, harrowing,


By the wandering sea


Of green translucence,


To walk on through storms that whip,


That wend


Their way along the mountain tip,


To go


Straight into the wind’s breath


Of the tiger’s night,


Into the widening


Jaws of death,


Into the mist,


Of the blue


Dawn at the farthest


Edge of the forest,


Before time awoke


Is ever to follow


The son of the wind, unfaltering,


Into the brave beauty


Of his song, unending,




© Sharon St Joan, September 2016


Photo: © Matabum / dreamtime.com



© Dhprophotog | Dreamstime.comdreamstime_s_40757480


Coyote, with mystical toes,


Silent as the footsteps of time,


Weaving through the mist-encircled forest,


Elusive she goes,


Shaman, angel, fey,


Spirit from the lands afar,


Outcaste, magic-bent,


Otherworldly guide,


You step from stone to stone,


Through the stream, moon-bright,


Where blue-singing


Fish glide


Through petals whispering in the night.


From milky way,


From star to star,


Among the clouds,


The shrouds,


Of worlds, broken.


You walk on,




From the darkness to the light.


You climb


The hillside


Where rocks ponder and raven-spoken


Rains ride


On moon-painted winds among the echoing


Songs of spring.


© Sharon St Joan, 2016


Photo: © Dhprophotog | Dreamstime.com



© Weblogiq | Dreamstime.com


Where do the wind beings live?


Beyond the noon-


Bright country,


Beyond the stars, glimmering,


Beyond the tired, trafficked city,


Unencumbered, they live in the mountains that give


Peace, among the lilies of eternity,


By the wandering white petals of the moon


In the forest of flowers where


Only the wild ones talk


And where the wind beings walk


By the shell-encrusted shore,


There the red-tailed hawk


And the northern harrier,


Gray as the sea,


Fly through the air,


To reclaim their destiny,


In lands swept clean of the paltry ploy


Of thought,


And the detritus of crumpled litter


Of the corrupted that crawl


In the grime


Of the sound-dinned


Corners of the mind, strangely-wrought.


Arise, Hanuman,


Son of the wind,


To toss


Aside all the devils of time,


To unseat the wicked, wailing,


To thunder




The waves, ever-crashing


Of the sparkling, emerald sea


Of nevermore,


To lead all soon


Back to where the wind beings live


In joy,


Among the rain-blackened rocks where


Only ever call


The dark ravens of light, sea-echoing.



Written June 12, 2016, © Sharon St Joan


Photo: © Weblogiq | Dreamstime.com





ID 27389832 © Zuzana Randlova | Dreamstime.com


Robbers and thieves,

One and all,

Pirates and felons who lurk in the weeds,

Did you hear the howl and the growl,

The groan

Of the earth, underfoot:



And listen.


Gold, diamonds, granite, oil, the black and the shining,

Treasures entrusted to the keep

Of the great


Yet you come and you steal,

And you carry away,

Leaving death in your wake.

With a toxic brew

Of soot,

You have tainted the wells of the living.


But you’re not alone,

And we all, companions of evil,

Turn our heads in denial,

And glance

Out the corners of our eyes,

“All we wish to say

Is this, it’s not our fault, not at all,

Not us, — no, not us, we never did anything,”

We only bought the coin that was stolen,

We only drank from the cup of lies,

We only went along for the ride,

Nothing more,

Nothing more, as we’ve mentioned before.”

And our laugh rings hollow

Among the dry reeds

Crackling in the wind gust,

Empty, by the river bed of dust.


When, from her long, cloud-held sleep,

The dragon stirs in her den,

Her wings will unfold and shake,

Flashing green and blue,

In the fire of her wrath

She will stand


On the holy mountain.

She will tower

Among the black rocks

And glower,

Gushing flames and the waters of the grimy deep,

To pour

Forth the ending of the broken wheel.

Boulders slip and slide

Headlong into the steep

And narrow

Gorge below.


After a while,

In the quiet of the moon,

When the saw-whet owl cries

His silver note on the pine-dewed branch,

In the dawn of the delicate petal,

A new land will awaken,

Where flocks

Of red-winged blackbirds dance,

Among the cottonwood’s whistling leaves.


The swift-toed coyotes will sing,

Where the sage grows green after the storm,

Emerald lizards will trace

Elegant patterns in the sand,

And the awful dragon will curl up again,

Her crystal scales warm

In the sunlight, an endearing smile

On her dragonish face.


© Sharon St Joan, June 20, 2015


Photo: © Zuzana Randlova | Dreamstime.com


Go into the mist

cliffsIMG_7111 2


Go into the mist


Where the great light falls


Where blue flowers gleam


In the winds of dawn,


And the owl calls


Softly, in her deep tone.


Go into the wild where


The one with no name tells a luminous tale


Of the star forest.


Out onto the green hills of peace,


Go where the mists of the mountain meet,


Where the unkempt stream


Grows out of the tall cliffs of stone,


Where the bright feet


Of the moon


Skip on the winged waves of the water, glimmering,


Where mystical geese sail


Along the snow-enchanted trail


Back to the beginning,


To before the great scattering —


Fragmented, broken,


Back to where only the silver song of the loon,


Clear in the white night,


Sings to the peace beyond the realms of being.



© 2015, Sharon St Joan, photo and poem


Narayana, child of the sea



He who went upon the waves


Of the waters before the snows fell,


Markandeya, walking, saw him then,


Narayana, Creator of stars and the glimmering dew


Of dawn,




Before the worlds were made,


Before the fish could glide,


Gold and blue,


Along the glade of coral reef,


Deep in the mists,


Narayana upon the green leaf,


Floated upon the sacred song,


Upon the buoyant pipal tree,


Where has he gone,


And when,


And how to tell?


Yet he is there even now, on the open sea,


Out past the rock-cut caves,


Beyond the bear-enchanted forests,


Of the farthest, hawk-lit hill,


Where the bell tolls still,


On the echoing tide,


Narayana, child of the sea,


He is there.


Poem: © Sharon St Joan, December 2014


Photo: © Catolla | Dreamstime.com